Broiled Clams

10 - 15 live clams
1 lemon
teriyaki sauce, pepper vodka, tobassco sauce or other condiments

The first thing is to opens the clams. Hold one up so it is sitting on it's hinge. Use a sharp knife to cut the clam in half. Twist the two shell halves until the clam lies flat. Place in a shallow roasting pan or cookie sheet. Put a dab of butter on each clam half.

Broil clams until the neck curls and the clam loses it's transparency. Serve immediately. Garnish each clam with lemon juice, teriyaki sauce, pepper vodka, or tobassco.

Makes 3 to 5 servings.


In March or April the first clam tides get us down on the beach with a shovel and bucket. We dig up the clams, bring them home and let them soak in salt water sprinkled with corn meal for 24 hours. Then pull out the biggest ones to use for this dish. Here is a hint, put the clams in the freezer for 1/2 hour (no longer). They will be much easier to open.

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