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A Bucket of Clams

A Bucket Of Freshly Dug Clams

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Clam season starts here as soon as the tides begin to be low during the daytime, usually late February early March. This year we decided to celebrate the start of the clam season with a party.

First we had to get some clams. So on a stormy Saturday we headed down to the beach, bucket and shovel in tow. We had to dig several holes before we found one that yielded lots of clams. It didn't take too long before we had filled our bucket. Good thing as it was blustery and cold.

The clams should sit in sea water and corn meal overnight to allow them to purge the contents of their stomachs. So, the next day we sorted the clams according to size, large, medium and small. The large ones we use for stuffing or broiling, the medium ones are perfect for frying and the small ones we steam to eat as is or as a first step towards making a clam tomato sauce.

The weather broke and our clam season party was a huge success. We had a whole BBQ'd salmon served with my friend Diane's famous salmon sauce, broccoli with lemon juice and garlic, linguine al pesto and clams prepared 3 different ways. Before desert we headed out for a much needed walk on the beach, the sun was warm but the breeze was stiff. When we got back we had coffee and Italian cannoli. I buy the shells at DeLaurentii and make the filling myself.

Well, two days later was St Patrick's Day. So, I invited a friend over and fixed a traditional corned beef dinner. We always wonder why we only have corned beef once a year. It is so satisfyingly delicious. And the best thing is that we make Reuben sandwiches with the leftovers! I purchased the beef from Silvana Meats, our local butcher. They do their own smoking and curing and sell great local beef, lamb, pork and chicken. They also dress venison for the local hunters. Boiled potatoes and carrots, steamed napa cabbage, hot English mustard and lots of Guinness. Happy St Paddy's Day!!

Another three days later was the first day of spring. The chives and tarragon are up, my garlic is about 4 inches tall and I am planning this year's garden. I love spring!!

The Recipes

Diane's Famous Salmon Sauce

1/2 c butter
1 clove garlic
1/4 c ketchup
4 T soy sauce
2 T yellow mustard
1 T lemon juice
dash Worcestershire sauce
dash black pepper

Melt butter and combine the rest of the ingredients. Warm, but do not let boil, and serve with salmon.

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