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What's In Season? Early Spring 2009

    Clams Three Ways

    Pot of Steamed Clams

    In February or March the first clam tides get us down on the beach with a shovel and bucket. We dig up the clams, bring them home and let them soak in salt water sprinkled with corn meal for 24 hours. Then I sort them by size; large, medium and small, and we have a dinner I like to call "Clams Three Ways". I start with the biggest ones which I use for stuffed clams. Then I fry the mid-sized ones. The smallest ones I steam. I love serving steamed clams over angel hair pasta with lots of crusty bread for dipping in the cooking liquid.

  • Steamed Clams

  • Fried Clams

  • Stuffed Clams

  • Pappardelle with Ricotta and Herbs

    Pappardelle with Ricotta and Herbs

    There is something about early spring, the hope of warm weather in the breeze. I love to wander out to the herb garden to snip chives, parsley and fennel for this dish. Such a perfect spring side dish.


What's in Season? Winter 2009

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